Challenge Courses




Challenge courses can be installed outdoors or in, permanent or removable.  Outdoor challenge courses are most common, and can be installed among the trees for a more natural setting, or using sturdy wooden poles where trees either do not exist, or are not suitable for course elements.  Either way, WingSpeed will handle all aspects of design and installation – from start to finish. We can also help clients research funding sources and write grant proposals if requested.

Challenge courses can be the core feature of many adventure programs, and WingSpeed Adventures brings years of experience to each course that we design and install.  We are qualified to help our clients create challenge courses that are uniquely suited to the needs and goals of their adventure programs. Courses can include low, high, and universal elements depending on the size, population, and goals of a program. From small programs to large adventure parks, WingSpeed will find the right balance to fit your program!