High Elements

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High Challenge Course Elements

High Challenge Course Elements are great for groups and individuals alike.  High elements truly push participants to reach beyond their perceived physical and cognitive limits – and provide lots of thrills in the process.

List of Elements

Burma Bridge, Cat Walk, Cargo Net, Centipede, Dangle Duo, Dangle Trio, Fire Cracker Ladder, Flex Wall, Flying Rappel, Flying Squirrel, Giant’s Swing, High Tension Wire, Inclined Log, Inclined Cat Walk, Indiana Jones Bridge, Jebbie Lunge, Multivine Traverse, Pamper Pole, Tandem Pamper Pole/Platform, Pirates’ Crossing, Portable Pamper Pole, Prusik Climb, Rappel Platform, Rope Ladder, Ships Passing in the Night, Swinging Beam, Two Line Bridge, Vertical Playpen, Wild Woosey, Zip Wire, Vertical Challenge.

Learning Outcomes:

• Confidence and Self-esteem
• Improved Frustration Tolerance
• Appropriate Risk Taking
• Communication
• Problem Solving
• Goal Setting
• Physical Awareness
• Strength and Flexibility
• Breaking Through Perceived
• Fun and Thrills
• Many More…