High Elements

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Just a Few Elements Include:

Burma Bridge, Bosun Chairs, Cat Walk, Cargo Net, Centipede, Dangle Duo, Dangle Trio, Fire Cracker Ladder, Flying Squirrel, Flying Rappel, Giant’s Swing, Inclined Log, Indiana Jones Bridge, Islands in the Sky, Kitten Crawl, Multivine Traverse, Pamper Pole, Pirates’ Crossing, Portable Pamper Pole, Prusik Climb, Rappel Platform, Rope Ladder, Ships Passing in the Night, Swinging Beam, Two Line Bridge, Vertical Playpen, Wild Woosey, Zip Wire, Vertical Challenge.

High Challenge Course Elements

High challenge course elements are great for groups and individuals alike.  High elements truly push participants to reach beyond their perceived physical and cognitive limits – and provide lots of thrills in the process.

High challenge course elements can be the core feature of adventure programs, and WingSpeed brings years of experience to each course we design. We help clients create challenge courses that are uniquely suited to the needs and goals of their programs. This can mean a few stand alone elements and activities to interconnected adventure paths through the trees.

Activities are designed to be fun and progressively challenging. High elements are an excellent way to develop teamwork and leadership skills as well as expand personal limits.

WingSpeed Adventures staff can install, inspect, and provide training for your elements to ensure you are confident leading participants through each activity. Our experienced trainers discuss variations on each activity and give you the tools necessary to provide exceptional programming for groups. WingSpeed Adventures is a Preferred Vendor Member of The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). We build, inspect, and train to the standards set by the association and work to exceed the standards and your expectations with every project.

Learning Outcomes:

• Confidence and Self-esteem
• Improved Frustration Tolerance
• Appropriate Risk Taking
• Communication
• Problem Solving
• Goal Setting
• Physical Awareness
• Strength and Flexibility
• Breaking Through Perceived Limitations
• Fun and Thrills
• Many More…

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