Low Elements

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Low Challenge Course Elements

Low challenge course elements are particularly suited for group activities, but work well for individuals as well.  Low elements are great for helping groups and individuals develop cooperative skills that can be translated into real-world, positive changes.

Just a few element options include:

All Aboard Platform, Bosun’s Chairs, Burma Bridge, Burma Loops, Ships Passing in the Night, Criss Cross, Fidget Ladder, Giant’s Finger, Hickory Jump, Maze, Mowhawk Walk, Multivine Traverse, Nitro Crossing, Porthole, Spider’s Web, Swinging Log, Swinging Tires, TP Shuffle, Triangular Tension Traverse, Trolleys, Trust Fall Platform, Whale Watch, Wild Woosey, 8′ Beam, 10′ Wall , 12′ Wall, Portable Elements

Learing Outcomes:


  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication Skills
  • Improved Awareness of
    Group Roles
  • Teamwork
  • Awareness of Perceived
  • Awareness of Personal
  • Balance and Agility
  • Physical Strength