Universal Elements

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Universal Challenge Course Elements

Universal Challenge Course Elements truly push participants to reach beyond their perceived physical and cognitive limits – and provide lots of thrills in the process. Incorporated into high or low challenge course program, Universal Elements can bring your group together in new ways and make sure everyone is able to participate to his or her own comfort level.

WingSpeed will handle all aspects of design and installation- from start to finish. Challenge courses can be installed outdoors or in, permanent or removable. Customization is our specialty!From small programs to large adventure parks, WingSpeed will find the right balance to fit your program! WingSpeed Adventures is a Preferred Vendor Member of The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). We build, inspect, and train to the standards set by the association and work to exceed the standards and your expectations with every project.

Elements Examples:

Mohawk Walk, Whale Watch, Nitro-Crossing, Ramps Up Climbing Towers, Cat Walk, Flying Squirrel

Learning Outcomes:

• Awareness of Group Roles
• Cooperation
• Communication
• Leadership Skills
• Inclusion
• Diversity Awareness
• Compassion and Empathy


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