Design & Installation

WingSpeed Adventures wants to be your partner in the design and installation of your adventure program. We’ve got the direct service experience to help you create

WingSpeed Adventures is an accredited member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and everything we design, build, and install meets or exceeds all industry standards. We are also a licensed inspector for ACCT and OSHA certified. We are experienced in all aspects of adventure education.

Most of all, we take the time to talk to you about your programming requirements and customize designs and installations to meet your needs and your budget. We’ll even help you research funding and write grant proposals. We work with you to successfully bring ideas for your camp, school, business, or conference center to life.

Challenge Courses

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Challenge courses include a variety of activities where teams work toward achieving set physical goals. Activities are designed to be fun and progressively challenging. Challenge courses are an excellent way to develop teamwork and leadership skills as well as expand personal limits.

We design, build, and install challenge courses to your specific requirements, both indoors and outdoors. Customization is our specialty. We base all our plans on two basic types of courses: low element and high element. Low element courses take place on or near the ground and are great for helping groups and individuals develop cooperative skills. High element courses take place above ground, suspended from poles or trees and push people to reach beyond their perceived and cognitive limits.


Zip Lines

A zip line is a unique adventure that can help push limits and provides a very thrilling ride in the sky. Part of a high ropes program, a zip line lets participants travel down a suspended cable on a pulley propelled by gravity. We can customize zip lines to almost any type of environment.


Tree Houses

WingSpeed designs and installs tree houses to meet your individual needs. From simple platforms to elaborate overnight retreats, our tree houses provide the ultimate gathering spot for any outdoor program. Our tree houses are custom designed and engineered on site. They can be constructed to work in tandem with any of our adventure programs or simply as a place for relaxation or get-togethers. Our tree house will provide you and your program years of success.

Adventure Parks

Adventure parks combine elements of challenge courses, zip lines, and any other forms of outdoor activity. These parks are generally designed more for recreational purposes. Wingspeed can design and build all the components of an adventure park to your specifications and individual needs.


Wingspeed Adventures 5 Keys:

  1. We’re creative. . .we work with you to craft your ideal program within your budget
  2. We design and build to the highest quality
  3. We provide quality programming and training
  4. We’re your adventure partner
  5. We’re professional