Inspections & Repair Services

At WingSpeed Adventures, we believe that a properly maintained adventure facility guarantees that you will run a safe, efficient, and successful adventure program. We specialize in keeping your facility and equipment up-to-date and in proper condition.


We are a licensed inspector and accredited member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). We inspect and repair your facility and equipment to meet all industry standards. We also are OSHA certified. We are also licensed third-party inspector in Massachusetts.

The adventure education industry has implemented many changes in recent years, with greater regulations and standards to improve safety and the overall experience for participants. We build, inspect, and repair your program equipment to these new higher standards set forth by ACCT and ANSI.

ACCT standards require adventure programs to have an annual inspection and to maintain courses and equipment within those industry standards. WingSpeed Adventures inspects, repairs, and maintains your course so you can provide the best possible experiences for your participants. We also use the best materials available and provide craftsmanship is of the highest proficiency.

We want to be your partner in providing a safe and fun adventure experience.