School Adventure Programs

WingSpeed Adventures specializes in developing customized school adventure programs that meet the needs of your students, faculty, and school staff. Our programs provide all the training and curriculum development you need for implementing adventure learning into your school or college.


WingSpeed Adventures offers basic and advanced training packages in how to facilitate and manage your adventure learning program. We also provide comprehensive training into the technical, safety and rescue skills necessary for successful program outcomes. We train your staff on the very equipment they will use in their programs, and we teach them how to get the most from every element and activity. Our training also focuses on teambuilding skills to encourage personal growth and character development. We also offer specialty teambuilding programs to get your faculty and staff working together. Our school programs also can include a variety of challenge course and climbing wall installations. Wingspeed is an accredited member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) as well as a licensed ACCT inspector.

Our school programs promote self-discovery and are designed to help students, faculty, and school staff learn how to solve problems, achieve goals, enhance communication, build community, and develop trusting relationships in an enjoyable and safe environment— and have fun in the process.

WingSpeed will help you build your ideal school adventure program and help train your staff to become experienced leaders and problem solvers.

  • Teambuilding
  • Program Building
  • Leadership Training
  • Curriculum-Based Development
  • Gradual Progression of Learning
  • Staff Training & Certification
  • Program Installations & Repairs