Training & Certification

At WingSpeed Adventures, we believe that well-trained staff members are essential to the success of any adventure program. Not only must staff members know how to use program elements and equipment properly, but they must know how to provide participants with a comprehensive and fun adventure experience that is unique to their needs and goals. At WingSpeed, we specialize in providing the customized training and certification that meets the needs of your adventure program.

WingSpeed Adventures is an accredited member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and our training programs meet or exceed all industry standards. We are also a licensed inspector for ACCT and OSHA certified. We are experienced in all aspects of adventure education training and certification.

Training Programs

Our staff training programs are custom designed to meet your specific needs and challenges. We offer basic, advanced (Level I and Level II), and refresher training in technical skills, facilitation skills, safety and rescue skills, and program management concerns. Our workshops are comprehensive, hands-on, and fun. We train your staff on the very equipment they will use in their programs, and we teach them how to get the most from every element and every activity.

Staff training can include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Program Concerns
  • Challenge Course Management
  • Warm-up Activities
  • Group Games
  • Trust, Communication & Problem-Solving Activities
  • Low, High, and Universal Challenge Course Elements
  • Climbing Walls
  • Set Up & Take Down
  • Belay Techniques
  • Basic & Advance Knots
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Safety and Rescue Technique

Our basic training program takes place over 2 or 3 days and provides you with the basic skills and understanding regarding your adventure program. This training, however, does not provide certification. If you wish to be certified in adventure programming, you must complete certification training.

Training Certification

WingSpeed Adventures is accredited to offer certification in Level I and Level II training through ACCT in compliance with standards from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Level I Training (General Training)

To achieve Level I certification, you must complete 40 hours of curriculum instruction and pass a written and practical exam covering the following areas:

  • Word knowledge; the ability to read and understand instructions
  • Basic mathematical calculations
  • Perceptual abilities
  • General mechanical comprehension
  • General science principles
  • Measurement conversions; US to Metric, fractions to whole numbers, etc.
  • Basic tools and workshop knowledge
  • Bracing and guying
  • Wire rope and terminations
  • Fasteners; types, grades
  • Basic comprehension of working load limits and material strength assurance
  • Participant programming equipment and staff fall protection equipment
  • Non-Destructive testing
  • ACCT Standards
  • Applicable safety codes and generic standards (OSHA, TSSA, etc.)
  • Generally accepted industry practices
  • Current ACCT published inspection practices/procedures
  • Forms and other documentation
  • Incident Review

Individuals who can document significant practical experience in adventure education may “Challenge In” and replace the 40-hours of training.

Level II Training (Specialized Training)

Level II training involves more specialized and advanced technical, facilitation, and management instruction. To achieve Level II certification, you must be Level I certified and pass a written and practical exam covering the following areas:

  • ASTM Standards
  • Welding symbol identification
  • Non-destructive testing types
  • Fastener identification
  • Common mechanical systems
  • Wire rope
  • Blueprint symbols
  • Electrical symbols
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Hydraulic systems

Individuals who have documented Level I certification and can demonstrate significant practical experience in adventure education may “Challenge In” for Level II certification.

Training at Take Flight Adventure Park

WingSpeed Adventures also offers training and conference/corporate programs at Take Flight adventure park in Kittery, Maine. The Take Flight adventure challenge course has more than 60 activities and elements and also offers two different adventure zip lines through the trees. For more information, visit

Open Enrollment

WingSpeed Adventure offers an open enrollment policy for training. Upcoming dates include: DATE, DATE, DATE, DATE, DATE. Contact us at 603-547-8822 or for more information.